Ed Walicki's  - Mastering the Basics Series

Mastering the Basics - Tools and Equipment
5+ Hour
DVD Course - $59.00


This was my favorite one to do!  A chance to get all the toys out and go over everything in detail.  If you ever wanted to know what all those odd little things in the background of my other videos were, what they are used for and how can you get one or make one this course is for you.  I cover everything used in my shop - commercial available tools and all the things I have made over the years to assist me in carving or painting.  If your a practical gadget junkie you will enjoy this DVD set.  If your a new carver just getting into fish carving - don't buy a single tool until you watch this DVD set.  I can save you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary equipment and prevent you from wasting money on tools that either don't work or are not needed.  I cover at length why certain tools work and why others don't.  Its info I wish I had starting out.  The money wasted on unnecessary things along the way could have been better used elsewhere had I of known then what I know now 20 years later.  As anybody who has taken a class in my shop will tell you - what I need and cant find commercially -I design it and build it.  And all those projects are featured in this course.   From my vacuum former to my spray booth and everything in between.  Like I said above- in this series I put it ALL on the table.

Major areas covered:

  • Carving Bench
  • Silent Dust Collector
  • DIY Paint Booth
  • Lighting
  • Adjustable pull down side bench
  • Safety Equipment
  • Power Carving Systems
  • Micro Motor Systems
  • System Maintenance and Lube Conversion
  • Reciprocating Carvers
  • Handpieces
  • Carving Burrs
  • Why some brands of burrs fail and others excel.
  • Woodburning Systems
  • Bandsaws
  • Vacuum Former
  • Hand Tools
  • Specialty Tools
  • Homemade Specialty Tools
  • Padded Sanders
  • Vacuum formed Shipping Sleeves for your carvings
  • Vacuum formed Flexible Eyes
  • Vacuum formed painting stencils
  • Painting Stands
  • Veiling Stands
  • Veneer cutting wheels
  • ....and more!


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