Ed Walicki's  - Mastering the Basics Series

Mastering the Basics - Fin Carving Complete -
10 Hour DVD Course - $79.00
(carving progression stick available soon at additional cost)

Here it is...everything you ever wanted to know about carving fins for ALL species of fish.  Information never before seen in any fish carving video or book on the market today!  Some methods have never even been covered in my classes....I was saving them for my own work- till now.  Every trick I use to pull off realistic fins for both wood and urethane carvings are covered in detail.  I filmed this course with two cameras and a split screen.  So you can watch me carve from the front as I explain things of importance then watch me execute steps in my fin carving processes from my view.  Years of teaching classes has helped me refine the fin carving process into a step by step process ensuring your success and providing repeatability over and over again for all types of fish fins.  I cover in great detail carving all types of fish fins for freshwater and saltwater fish.  There isn't a fish alive you will have trouble carving fins for after practicing the techniques I demonstrate in this course.  Guaranteed!   I rolled it all out on the table for this project. No exceptions. 


  • Carving flexible wood fins that are difficult to break. 
  • Fin wood
  • Best layout for carving fins
  • Best carving burrs for carving, detailing and sanding fins
  • Practice fins
  • My new never before seen method for setting fins seamlessly using shrink wrap and a heat gun.  Works excellent for those times when painting the fins separately and inserting post paint works best.  You end up with an invisible seam and a PERFECT fit second to none.  A must see process to believe.  I cover every step of the way in this course. Its how I set all fins in my wood carvings now. 
  • Ultra- realistic transparent spiny rayed fins using hawthorns and tissue paper
  • Carving fin animation
  • Fin animation considerations
  • Two Part Urethane Use for setting fins and protecting fins
  • Sealing fins
  • De-fuzzing Fins
  • Exotic reef fish fins
  • Fin operation
  • Fin positioning
  • Fin positioning with respect to overall composition
  • Soft ray fins
  • Step by step process for carving caudal fins
  • Step by step process for carving anal fins
  • Step by step process for carving dorsal fins
  • Step by step process for carving pectoral fins
  • Step by step process for carving pelvic fins
  • Fin Study
  • Rules of animation
  • Fin Setting
  • Fin Fitting
  • My easy custom fit seamless fin sockets that allow you to install the fins after the carving is painted with NO visible seam what so ever.  And no carving involved.
  • Fin inserts from A-Z
  • When you can do an insert and when you should avoid them
  • Metal fin inserts
  • Metal fin supports
  • Rock solid fish mounts using a steel fin ray replacement.  A true hidden mount that give the fish carving a floating over the habitat look. 
  • Spiny pelvic fins
  • Warmwater Fish Fin Sets
  • Coldwater Fin Sets
  • Raised ray tissue fins for saltwater reef fish and baitfish.
  • Urethane fin inserts
  • And much much more on the subject of fins and tricks to replicate them.!


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