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Carl Latz
Elkhorn Wisconsin

Andy Anderson
Neotsu Oregon

"Ed, your Seminar was the most informative and friendly I have ever attended...Wish I had met you years ago.. I left your seminar feeling I could never repay you enough for what you gave us. A memorable LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!!" - Andy Anderson

Keith Clements
Vancouver Washington

Dave Cook
Houghton Michigan

Sharon Hallowell
Ottsville Pennsylvania

"As a repeat student of Ed's, I can't begin to explain how GREAT I think he and
his classes are.  Ed's methods of teaching, his wonderful sense of humor, and
his patience with students are unmatched.  Whether you're just beginning to carve fish, or are looking for those secrets to take your carvings to the next level, you can't go wrong taking one of his classes.  Hands down, it is the best investment I have ever made in my carving endeavor.   Can't wait until I can do it again!  Too bad all learning experiences aren't this much fun.  Thanks a billion, Ed, for EVERYTHING!"  - Sharon Hallowell

Joan Lech
Lehighton Pennsylvania

Steve Kunnath
Royal Oak Michigan

Greg Crook
Sun Prairie Wisconsin


Karl Scheidegger
Mt. Horeb Wisconsin

Nick Hartzell
Temperance Michigan


Rich Meeuwenberg
Newago Michigan


Ray Carnes
Portland Oregon


Ken Grabbert
Loves Park Illinois

"Ed, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for offering fish carving classes and to encourage anyone with an interest in fish carving to enroll in one of your classes. I can truly say that I have learned more in one week from your "advanced" class than I could have learned in years on my own through trial and error. The class was not only informative but lots of fun too. One can tell you enjoy teaching fish carving almost as much as you enjoy fishing for those Big Browns!
 Thanks again,
Ken Grabbert"


Karl Scheidegger
Mt Horeb Wisconsin

"Ed's knowledge of the creative (carving and display) process is truly remarkable. He
has a solid command of what it takes to be a successful fish carver and is more than willing to share his experiences and successes with his students.  More importantly is his post-class support, Ed will continue to be a valuable resource for any and all carving related questions.
Whether you are a beginning carver or an advanced professional, I guarantee that you'll find something to take home to improve your own work. I highly recommend an Ed Walicki carving class."     Karl Scheidegger


Lionel "Boudro" Lorentz
Slidell Louisiana

"Taking a class with Ed was an experience I will never forget....I had the time of my life and learned things about fish carving I will never forget.  Words cannot express how proud I am of the carving I did in class that week with his guidance.  I will be back for another class this year!"   Lionel Lorentz


Bob Eck
Plantation Florida

"The information is non-stop and covers everything from selecting wood, plans, roughing, detailing, scaling, painting, composition, environment, splashes, to marketing secrets.   Ed covers it all.   Ed's studio is a carvers dream and itself worthy of a "How To Do" book!  Ed's first hand 'tips' and 'secrets' for competitive carving will cut years off the time it takes to succeed. Bring a notebook! Bring a camera!  You will see and do things there you will never see done elsewhere.  Great info that you can take to the bank!"  Bob Eck 


John Fincato
Newark Ohio

"Ed: just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed my class with you....I learned a lot of new family and friends have commented on how realistic my trout looks and they especially liked the water splash effect...looking forward to a future class with you...sincerely, John Fincato, Newark, Ohio"

Note from Ed- Spending a week with John in class was inspirational, to say the least.  Here is an artist that has overcome the tragic loss of the use of his right arm by not only learning to do things with one arm.....but has learned to do everything left handed!  And is damn good at it!  His attitude, enthusiasm and dedication to the art of carving is a true inspiration.  I look forward to seeing his dust in my studio again soon! 


Wayne Andrews
Middlebury Indiana

"Last night I returned from Ed's Brown Trout carving class, tired and exhausted but greatly enlightened. To say he's a master carver and excellent teacher is an understatement. I learned more in five days then I did in the previous eight years on my own. He teaches not only carving methods but how a fish reacts as it moves through the water, as well as how to mount your carving and how to price your work and market it. If you are thinking of getting into carving fish or are carving now and are not happy with the results then you need to get into one of Ed's classes, it will improve your results, and you will find the cost is a bargain."  Wayne Andrews, Middlebury Indiana


Terry Congram
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

"When you have carved with the rest, then do yourself a favor and carve with the best. It was mind boggling to have so much readily available info and his sources for new products and problem solving is worth its weight in gold. There were so many different ways of saving carving time, producing an awesome fish, and a lot of self satisfaction in completing an outstanding "art piece". I will "never" take instruction from another person - he's the "man".  Terry Congram, Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada


fran_tranbarger_class_brown.jpg (257633 bytes)
Fran Tranbarger
Cincinnati Ohio

A friend put me onto and I admired Ed's carvings and the realistic look they portrayed.  If only my carvings looked that good!  I signed up for Ed's advanced carving class.  After completing the course and watching him in action, it is easy to understand why Ed is a world class carver.  He is also an excellent teacher and willingly shares many of his ideas.  The methods, resources and technology that is taught in his class goes into making realistic fish displays that are unsurpassed.  I look forward to taking another class from Ed.  Anyone who wishes to improve their artistic skills in fish carving is certain to find a class that Ed has to offer.  Oh, and not to mention a great time!  Fran Tranbarger, Cincinnati Ohio




johnslaninabasscarving.jpg (84766 bytes)
John Slanina
Rapid City South Dakota

"I first became interested in the art of fish carving through Ed Walicki's with the aid of his Fish Pattern book, Videos, Rough-outs, reference casts and personal emails I became a fish carver. I also have attended classes given by several professional Fish Carvers and other wood carvers. I have learned to carve fairly well. Won my share of ribbons at Local and National Competition Shows.
However, not until I attended a class with Master Fish Carver Ed Walicki did I learn so much, not only on carving, but other aspects of the Art. Ed shared his knowledge of short cuts and other tips no where to be found.  I highly recommend Ed Walicki to anyone wanting to learn the Art of Fish Carving. Not only is Ed a Master Carver, he is truly an excellent Instructor and human being."  John Slanina, Rapid City South Dakota


"Having taken 5 of Ed's classes so far over the years. You need only a sense of humor to survive his class. I can honestly say being around Ed is the most fun I have ever had carving. He has the patients of a rock and the ability to teach an old dog like me new tricks all the time."  Skip Chalmers, Marineland Florida


"I too am a student of Ed's and have to say he is the real deal as a carving teacher. I have taken many classes over the years for carving wildfowl and nobody even comes close in comparison. What sets him apart is he teaches you there is more to carving than just to copy the steps. He opens your eyes to a way a thinking and using tools like nobody ever has for me. And "beware", his quick wit will keep you on your toes."  Karl Owen, Gary Indiana

Harold Joseph of Waterford Michigan

Ron Copes of Clarkston Michigan

Jan Campbell of Waterford Michigan
16" Brown Trout Woodcarving.  (Jan's first fish!! Great Job Jan!)



Dave Cook

Larry Large

John "Johnny Da Fish" Slanina

Joe Ambrosini

John Call

Ken Manick

Late Friday Night
(except for Dave Cook who had to catch a flight out earlier in the day.)



Date: May 18th - 24th 2003
Course: Fishcarving / Fly Fishing Camp
Fish: 12" Brook, Brown or Brown Trout
Ed's cabin on the AuSable River's Holy Water Section

This was my first class held at the cabin.  A great place to carve and fish with friends.  We carved on the river bank watching the days activity on the water unfold as we progressed through our carving, cooked our meals over the campfire each day and found time to wet a line during the day (some more than others.....KEN).  With the exception of the weather turning a bit cool the experience was allot of fun and I will do it again.  Below are some pictures of the finished carvings and few others taken during the week.


Pictured from left to right (click pictures for a larger image): Pen Hallowell, Mark Goldstein, Bryan Sale, Ken Grabbert, Jim Wiley, Sharon Hallowell, Ed Walicki, Fran Tranbarger, (Seated Below) Kodi, Terry Congram and Keith Schedel.

Group photo under the carving tent.

Terry Congram
Lower Sacksville, NS Canada
Brook Trout

Mark Goldstein
Middleport, New York
Brown Trout

Sharon and Pen Hallowell
Ottsville Pennsylvania
Brook Trout
(Sharon carved her trout all week while Pen caught trout all week)

Jim Wiley
Sparta Tennessee
Brook Trout

Keith Schedel
West Lake Ohio
Brook Trout

Fran Tranbarger
Cincinnati Ohio
Brook Trout

Bryan Sale
Hamilton Michigan
Brook Trout

Ken Grabbert
Loves Park Illinois
Gone Fishing!


Date: April 28th - May 2nd 2003
Course: Urethane Carving
Fish: 38" Steelhead w/River Rock Wall Display
Novi Studio

Fran Tranbarger of Cincinnati Ohio

Ken Grabbert of Loves Park Illinois

Orlando Villarreal of Hudsonville Michigan

Leo Long of Troy Michigan

Jim Michehl of Antioch Illinois




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