My New "Classroom Series" of Fish Carving Instructional Videos

I am converting all the information once reserved for my hands on classes to DVD. 

I am now working on "Mastering the Basics - Fish Carving" and "Mastering the Basics - Mold Making and Casting."  Once those are ready to ship I am planning to begin what I am calling "Project Courses" where I choose a fish species and a different display with each and take you through the entire process.  Having the foundation laid for the basics in the first few DVD courses I will be able to focus on each project without having to try and cover the basics each time.  Each piece will be more and more complex building on information already covered.

I know this direction will make some of you wonder if this may be the end of hands on classes in my studio.  And the answer, for now at least, is yes. 


New Mastering the Basics DVD Courses



Ed Walicki's "Classroom Series"
Creating an Artificial Water Splash

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Learn time tested methods for creating the ever popular water splash effect.  A dramatic / realistic effect like no other.  Learn the secrets behind working with clear casting resins to create realistic water effects that will not yellow, dull or crack over time.  Filmed in my studio, I demonstrate ALL the techniques and materials used in creating one of my water splash effects.  Demonstrated in the video series is the water splash created for the above pictured 26" rainbow trout wood carving.  Others are also covered.

This 6 DVD course with over 9 HOURS of instructional video will have you mastering this dramatic effect with your first attempt. Learn from 20 years of experience working with resins what works and what doesn't....and why.  

Now you can learn the entire process in depth, from home.  This information, until now, was only offered in a week long "hands on course" in my studio.  Even then I was not able to devote the time to teaching "The Splash" like I have here.  In class completing a carving, painting and setting it in a splash is a tall order in 5 days, leaving little time to go over everything involved in working with resin. Here, with no deadline, or time constraints I have revealed it ALL in an easy to follow format, ensuring you successes with your first water splash or in refining your present methods. 

This is hands down the most complete video course I have ever offered. 

Included in this course:

  • Safety Considerations and Equipment needed to work with polyester resins.

  • Tools and Materials needed.

  • Choosing and working with the proper resins

  • Testing resins

  • Conditioning Resins

  • Preventing yellowing, shrinking and cracking.

  • Accelerated Curing Techniques

  • Ripple, wave and wind blown effects.

  • Understanding the hydraulics behind an actual splash.

  • Reference

  • Coloring Resins

  • Casting Components

  • Making flex molds using my flash heat method

  • Building the splash one step at a time.

  • Casting a water clear hand

  • Inserting fish (or other carvings) into the base with proper support.

  • Production splash casting for limited editions

  • Base considerations and construction

  • Router use.

  • Controlling the "Gel Window"

  • Creating primary, secondary and water droplet components.

  • Carving cured resin pieces

  • Splash assembly

  • Inserting habitat components

  • The "Barrier Shield" - Protecting the paint finish on your carvings and habitat components from the resin during splash construction.

  • Heat curing

  • Cold curing

  • And much more....

Also, as a bonus - Building a Heated Dust Free Splash Component Curing Cabinet.  I designed a curing box that will cure resins in an hour to a tack free crystal clear finish to accelerate the splash building process.  No more waiting days for pieces to cure hard.  Watch as I build a complete cabinet on video explaining every step of the way.  Included with the video course is a cut list and material list to build your own for less than $75 (less if you already have some scrap wood around the shop) and an hour or so of time, .  It will produce perfect splash components time and time again.  One of the most used contraptions in my shop!  Now you have everything you need to build one for yourself. 

And......With each DVD course comes my "Source List" for the materials used.  You get my actual sources for the materials and contact names for the products used.  And you will receive the same discounted price for those materials I pay.  For years they have provided a student discount to those attending my hands-on classes and have agreed to do the same now for my video courses as well.  So you can take advantage of that also. 

Description Price Order
DVD 4:3 Regular Version (Dolby Digital)
(6 Disk Set - 9 Hours)


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Splash Base / Wall Mount / Pedestal Mount
 Urethane Cast Driftwood Accent
$15.00 ea.

Perfect "S" shape to compliment any fish carving.  Same piece shown in the Splash Course DVD.  Simply prime, base coat with gray acrylic paint and apply a wash of dark brown for a realistic driftwood look.  Strong enough to use as a pedestal base for small - medium sized fish carvings.  The perfect accent piece.  See it used in my Gallery on .



Ed Walicki's "Classroom Series"
Creating Realistic Fish Scales Course 
(238 min. 3 DVD Set) $59.00

Now on DVD, all the competition quality techniques I teach in my hands-on classes and use in my own work are covered in detail. Learn it all here.

Unlike my original 80 minute Fish Scale Video done years ago, this video course contains ALL the information and trick tools I use and teach in my hands on classes.  It's been some time since my original scale burning video, almost 10 years now.  And in that time I have wanted to do a series of new videos, more advanced than the originals, covering everything I teach in my intensive hands on classes.  This will be the first of many titled under my "Classroom Series" covering everything in real time from A-Z for competition quality results.  These videos were filmed in my carving studio using the same tools used in class and in my day to day work in both wood and urethane.  You will learn techniques that until now were only demonstrated in my hands on classes.  

This video course will cover...

  • Scale Reference
  • Creating Working Scale Patterns
  • Woodburning Systems
  • Building Woodburning Pens
  • Converting Commercial Woodburning Pens
  • Shaping Nichrome Wire
  • Learn to make several unique burning tips
  • Learn to make several types of scale burning tips
  • Learn to create realistic lateral lines
  • Pre-burn Layout
  • Learn to burn patterns and rows
  • Detail burning on the head and around the fins.
  • Build your own "De-fuzzing burr" in seconds
  • Learn to create scale growth rings
  • Learn to use 8 different tools to create scales in wood
  • Learn to use 5 different tools to create scales in urethane
  • And much more!

Also included in this 3 DVD set is a sample casting of the techniques demonstrated, a source list for the materials and items used in the video, and a coupon for owners of the original "Making Scale Burning Tips" video to receive 10 ft of Nichrome wire or a $20 Gift Certificate for free when you return the old video. 

This same information can be applied to any wood burning tip you ever need.  No longer do you have to get by with what is available commercially, within a couple of minutes you can create custom tips and pens at a fraction of the cost.  Make your own tips for less than .20 cents each and pens for under $4 ea.  And best of all it's fun to do.  In the video I show you how to create a tip to replicate any scale, creating a curved, raised, and textured three dimensional scale that is an exact match to the real thing.  

This course is not just for fish carvers, wildfowl carvers will benefit also from the information, making custom burning tips to fit their applications as well. Tips can be shaped like small chest feathers found on songbirds.  The basic shapes are burned leaving a layered look and then the fine feather lines are burned in place using a skew shaped tip.  Creating a puffed up look to the feathers.   The same techniques can be used for reptile scales as well.

I know once you see the results you will be convinced this is the best method to create realistic scales. 

As Seen In The Video

Nichrome Wire for making your own woodburning tips

Starter Roll $6.00
3 ft. roll

Starter Roll Plus $10.00
5 ft. roll
Carvers Standard $20.00
10 ft. roll
Value Roll $32.50 Save $8.50
20 ft. roll
Pen Building Instructions (Free download) Click Here

             Call 248-880-1468 anytime
to order your copy today!









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