My Fish Rack

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I am often asked about this one.  So here's how this came to be.  I started a large commission for a client in Idaho last year doing all the world record fish in urethane.  Working on that many really large fish at once can consume the entire shop in short order.  So I built a rack to hold the fish as I worked, keeping them safe and out of the way. 

A smaller version of this rack can be built to hold your carvings in progress also.  I built mine out of 2" PVC pipe and it can hold up to 12 really large fish or 16 others.  The fish shown on the bottom of this rack over 60" long and the next shelf up were in the 50's. 

I glued all the joints except the T's where the shelf arms extend from.  I left those just friction fit so that I could swing the arms inward or outward to accommodate different sized fish carvings.  By doing so it also allows me to take the stand apart for storage or transportation. 

The stand makes for a very solid and stable way to store carvings in progress so they don't get damaged.  It also frees up bench top space.

~Ed Walicki

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