My Large Fish Stands

These are some floor stands I made for carving large urethane fish.  They work excellent for managing large fish and helps keep them from getting dinged up with I carve them to shape. 

I built mine from 2" PVC pipe.  They basically evolved from my tabletop fish stand shown on the website in this section.  I built three of them and they all work the same as the table top model.   I built them a nice working height for me since I prefer to stand when carving large fish.  It allows me to move about the shop easily checking my progress from different angles and distances without being confined to a bench top.   

My original design was a four legged model, much like my fish rack.  But I found I kept tripping on the outward stretch legs as I walked around the carving shaping the urethane.  So I removed one pair of legs and replaced them one single leg, making the stand a tripod.  And that worked excellent.  It didn't change the stability of the stand at all and allowed me to walk freely around the working end of the stand without worrying about where the legs were.  The single leg was now under the fish.  











~Ed Walicki

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