Ed Walicki's  - Mastering the Basics Series

Mastering the BasicsPatterns Complete
Drawing - Editing - Layout and Adjustments
2 hour DVD Course- $39.00

As any experienced carver will tell you it all starts with the pattern.  In this course I show you ALL aspects of creating your own accurate patterns including using computer software to compensate and edit your patterns to adjust for animation in your carving.  All very important pieces to the puzzle if you plan to branch out and carve fish from your own patterns.

I also show you how to enlarge patterns to jumbo fish, change side and top profiles as well as using my homemade animation compensation tool that corrects any pattern length problems due to animation instantly eliminating any guesswork. 

Note: portions of Disk 2 are included in Wood Selection as it relates to layout.

Covered in this course:

  • Converting fish photos to patterns using several methods
  • Using Software to draw, adjust and create working fish and habitat patterns.  Watch as I convert several fish photos into working patterns and make necessary animation / length adjustments for different projects.  Learn to take any color photo and with a few mouse clicks print off a custom pattern using Photo Impact
  • Animation effects on patterns
  • Overhead projector use for patterns and painting.
  • Flexible Patterns
  • Creating your own patterns
  • Adjustments
  • Opening or closing mouths accurately
  • Clear Patterns for natural finish carvings
  • Jumbo Patterns
  • Enlarging and Reducing considerations
  • Layout
  • Bandsawing considerations
  • Pattern Tools
  • Drawing Patterns from Video
  • And much more.

Click here to see a sample clip of Photo Impact in action.

  Ulead PhotoImpact 11
Get your copy of this easy to use photo editing / pattern making software here.

Created this full size 42" detailed color pattern in Photo Impact from a color photo
with just a couple of mouse clicks.  Also covered in this course.

Again, turn any favorite photos into hard edged drawings to use as a pattern
for your next relief carving.

Another example of a color pattern created in Photo Impact Pro.

Using a digital camera and this software you
can make a working pattern for anything.

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