Ed Walicki's  - Mastering the Basics Series

Mastering the Basics - Wood Selection, Layout and Cutting -
7 Hour DVD Course- $59.00

In my opinion this is the most important information contained in this entire series.  Knowing how to chose the right kind of wood for your project will make or break (literally) the entire piece.  I am always amazed at the time carvers invest in a piece of carving wood without any consideration as to the age of the tree when harvested, grain structure and layout, growth climate, disease or a multitude of other influences that dramatically effect the outcome of your carving long before you make that first cut.  Or can surface weeks, months or years after your carving is complete ruining all your hard work.  All could have been prevented with a clear understand of what makes a stable piece of carving wood.  I have learned allot over the years through my own experience and researching problems that developed in my early carvings over time.  You will be surprised how much there is to picking out the best wood for your carvings that will stand the test of time.  And provide excellent results while carving.  Don't leave anything to chance that you sign your name too.  I also cover at great length why certain wood grain patterns will always fail months after the carving is completed.  And also covered at length, picking out the best wood for fins that will give you a fin that is flexible and extremely difficult to break.  And takes detail better than any other cut of wood.  Wood cuts used for fins are harder to find but once you know this information you will be able to spot those blocks a mile away.  And for those carvers that do natural finish pieces this information will be priceless.  I cover all the aspects to getting the most from the wood grain pattern for several different effects.   I mentioned it already but it is worth repeating....this is the most important information contained in the entire series. 

This course also includes bonus footage portions of Patterns Complete as it relates to layout and pattern adjustments.  This course goes hand in hand with Fins Complete and Patterns Complete.  Very import crossover information that will impact all my carving courses.

Areas Covered:

  • Wood Types
  • Air Dried Considerations
  • Kiln Dried Considerations
  • Northern Grown vs. Southern Grown and how to spot the difference.
  • How the age of the tree effects the layout.
  • What to look for for fin wood, body wood and habitat selections
  • Why wood cracks
  • How to prevent it
  • Hazards
  • Molds
  • Pattern Layout considerations for any piece of wood.
  • Spotting "Fin Wood" and getting the most out of each piece.
  • Understanding how the grain direction effects all aspects of your carving.
  • Natural Finish Carvings - wood selection and layout considerations
  • Positioning for figure
  • How to spot figure in raw blocks
  • What to look for when buying wood
  • What questions to ask/
  • How to prep the block for pattern layout
  • Bandsawing Tips and Considerations
  • Cutting out fish blanks
  • Cutting out driftwood blanks
  • Cutting out rocks
  • Best Blade Choices
  • Riser Blocks
  • What to look for in a bandsaw
  • Sealing wood
  • Bonus Footage from Patterns Complete
  • And more....

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