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Universal Trout Practice Casting

Uni-Trout Casting

Same as the popular brown trout 1/2 cast sold with the Step by Step painting CD I have a 12.5" what I like to call "Uni-Trout" casting of one of my carvings.  It is patterned from a stream brook trout but is generic enough to be used as a practice model for a Brook, Brown, Rainbow, Cutthroat, Golden, ect.  Each casting is completely assembled, ready to prime and paint.

Perfect for painting and hanging on the wall, front door of your shop or rod case. it was intended, to practice painting on. Later this year I will have step by step painting CD's available for this casting. 

This casting is made of liquid urethane, a dense plastic like material, ivory in color, that is not bothered by solvents or waterbased cleaners.  Making it a perfect material to practice airbrushing/painting on.  When finished simply soak the casting in ammonia to strip away waterbased paints or lacquer thinner to remove lacquer paints and the casting is ready to paint again and again.  Unlike the brown trout casting in this series this fish is scaled, it is not a "smoothie" so you can practice scale tipping as well with this casting.



Fish Head Carving Instructional Guides

Learn to carve realistic fish heads using a simple to follow 6 step process. Each reference stick is cast from a durable plastic-like urethane resin producing a very durable learning tool designed to last a lifetime. Sticks range in size from 20-24" in length, 3-4" in width, and 1.5" thick, all heads are life-size. Included with each instructional stick are step by step instructions for each carving phase and a matching pattern that can be adapted to fit any carving pattern of the same species for future projects.

Bluegill / Sunfish Head Carving Guide $26.00 US
Click Image for a larger version.


Chinook Salmon Head Carving Guide $30.00 US
Click Image for a larger version


Black Crappie Head Carving Guide $39.00
Click image for a larger version


Northern Pike Head Carving Guide $35.00 US
Click image for a larger version


Smallmouth Bass Head Carving Guide $32.00 US
Click image for larger version


Largemouth Bass Head Carving Guide $42.00
Click image for a larger version

Trout Head Carving Guide $20.00 US
Click image for a larger version


Coho Salmon Head Carving Guide $21.00 US
Click image for a larger version


Reference Castings

Put an end to detail guess work with our study casts molded from live fish. Each durable urethane plastic casting displays every minute detail found on the surface of a fish, without the smell or hassles of working with frozen specimens. The ultimate reference for the serious fish carver.  Take your work to a higher level using three dimensional reference.  One study cast can answer more questions than a three foot stack of reference pictures.  

Perfect for those carvers that make their own fish scale burning pens, there are more than three sizes of scales on one fish, learn the size, shape and location of each scale with these casts.  

To make a carving pattern from the cast simply rub the surface of the casting with carbon paper to darken the detail, place the casting on a copy machine and print a matching pattern to use with your cast.  

Tip: Also works great to practice painting on, simply brush on a thin coat of liquid dish soap and let dry overnight. Once the soap has formed a thin dry film on the surface begin your painting practice. Once your finished painting drop the casting in warm water and rinse away the paint. The dried soap provides a barrier to allow easy paint removal, and will not affect the paint application. Each casting can be painted over and over again until you feel confident enough to paint your carving.

12" Black Crappie
 Study Cast
$19.95 US

9" Bluegill
Study Cast
$16.00 US



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