Website Design For Fish Carvers by Kirsten Walicki

Below are some available websites ready to go for any fish carvers needing an online presence to display their work and generate sales.  We can set up up everything and have you online right away.  You only need to supply us with text to use and your pictures.  We can register your domain name and provide hosting for your website.  We can create something custom or you can purchase one of the available templates below.

If you would like a unique look to your site, I do exclusive website frames as well. If you have something in mind fill out the below questionnaire and I will get back to you with an estimate.


Template 1
Page background colors available in white, light green, grayish green, or light gray as shown. Logo font available in several transparent glass like styles to accent the water look of the site. 

Each template comes with a home page and up to 9 other pages linked by the navigation panel.  More are available if needed. 


Click on above image for a larger view.

Template 2
Page background colors available in white, bone (shown),  or light gray.  Logo font available in several transparent glass like styles to accent the water look of the site.

Click on above image for a larger view

Template 3 - Available now and ready to go!  - $250
Underwater Theme -
Background colors and navigation button colors can be changes to suit your desires.  Additional pages, features and e commerce are all available.   


Free Website Quote

Your Name:
Email address:
Phone Number: Best time to call:
Do you have a website now?   URL:
You are interested in :
What type of look/theme are you interested in?  Briefly describe the look and feel of what you want your online presence to be:

I would like the following pages in my website:
Home Page
About Me
On-Line Shopping/Orders
Question and Answer Forum
In the News (articles about me)
Class Information (for instructors)
Tour of my Studio
Contact Page
Feedback Page
Other, please list:

Who will be inserting the information:
Do you own FrontPage 2003 by Microsoft?
Who will be doing the updates from time to time?
Your HTML knowledge level:
Will you need hosting for your website?
Do you need to register a domain name for your site?

With this basic information I can outline your costs to develop and maintain a website.  Once I have this information I will review my time needed and contact you with an estimate.  I guarantee 110% satisfaction, you will not be charged anything for your site until it is complete and meets your satisfaction. 





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