Copy Carver.....the woodcarvers copy machine.

Build your own woodcarving duplicator.......

Accurately duplicate your original carvings or any 3D object in minutes......not hours!

Easily built in 4 hours with common items found in any home / hardware store for around $150 US

Simple set-up, easy to use and safe to operate.

Stores and operates in a small area, perfect for the garage or basement workshop.

No adjustments needed once the carving process begins, the cutter is free to move in any direction as you guide it over your original.  

Uses common router bits and power carving burrs.

Easy to follow 29 page book containing step by step plans covering construction and use.

Download Plans Only - $20.00 US 
or our Combo
Preprinted Plans shipped to your home and the password to Download them now- $26.00 US
(shipping Included)

Call 9248-880-1468 Anytime
To order your set of plans, or
order online at

Visit my other website devoted to the Copy Carver
at it has everything you need to get started mass producing your original woodcarvings today!


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